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Blog: I'm No Belieber
I'm No Belieber

Whilst some of my girlfriends are huge fans of the Bieber, I'm just not a belieber. I like a confident man, don't get me wrong but this US pop star is more of a sulky teen than a hunky mean machine. His latest strop is to walk off stage during a gig in Manchester because the fans kept screaming during the breaks between songs. It appears that the superstar hip hopper did a hell of a stropper when his words of wisdom fell on deaf ears. It always amazes me that these celebrities think anyone c...

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Blog: Abstinence From Temptation
Abstinence From Temptation

After the hot liaison in the arched tunnels off a derelict viaduct I wasn't sure what Millie could come up with to top the experience. Samantha had told me that the wild child had used to work as a visiting escort and I thought I would ask her about her experiences. She explained that she had worked at both local and Harrow Escorts and that she had loved providing intimate companionship. Every date was an adventure she said and meeting new guys - and girls and having a fun time was gr...

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Blog: Chill, Relax, Have The Best Of Times
Chill, Relax, Have The Best Of Times

I've never been good at picking up girls. For one thing I am not one of those guys with an endless supply of chat up lines guaranteed to get a stunner into the sack. I'm also not the most confident of men. I have watched awestruck as friends have nonchalantly strolled over to a beautiful, young, sexy woman and begun to seduce her. I read somewhere once that hot women like guys who can take control but knowing that piece of information is one thing, putting it to use quite another. A...

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