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Festival Season Whoop Whoop
6 months ago | by Admin

It's festival season and most of the girls at Harrow Escorts are looking forward to enjoying a day of fun in what will hopefully be the September sun at the Defected London Festival – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/defected-london-fstvl-2019-tickets-57695309223?aff=ebdssbdestsearch. There are loads of big names playing including Claptone and my favourites, Horse Meat Disco. If you love international house music then this is the place to be! Closer to home there are various festivals in Harrow but unfortunately most of them are aimed at a more sedate crowd than the lively, fun loving, feisty girls at the Harrow Escort Agency! But that's not really a concern because being in such close proximity to the mighty city of London there is always something happening near by.

If you have never visited Harrow then there are plenty of reasons to pay us a visit (not least the busty, beautiful brunette and blonde escorts that comprise the very best in intimate companionship and girlfriend experiences anywhere in the south of the country) including museums, parks, dining and drinking, the great outdoors and the great indoors - cultural centres aplenty! Before I get to that I will just return to my compass reference but instead of the south I will mention the 'north' but not North as in Yorkshire or Northumberland or Cumbria or even the great wilds of Scotland LOL. I mean you personal 'true north', your inner peace, a private sanctum, a state of mind, Nirvana, call it what you will. And that means https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wanderlust-108-london-2019-tickets-55210748836?aff=ebdssbdestsearch– the wanderlust festival in London. Wanderlust is described by the organiser's as a 'one day mind triathlon'. With yoga, meditation and exercise the event aims to help stimulate personal growth and enable one to achieve calm in the midst of a chaotic world.

I always think that to be happy a person has to be able to juggle so much in the modern world. If you are fortunate enough to do something that you enjoy then that is great and I know that being a sexy escort is for me an incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle – I get to meet new and interesting people, and I get to bring sensual joy and satisfaction into people's lives. I know that some of my clients work super hard in very demanding occupations and need that little bit extra to help them unwind and shed the stresses of the work place. I feel privileged that I can play my part and have fun at the same time. I'm an upbeat person generally and I'm sure that my positive mindset is helped by having such a good time with fun people. Besides that, to be happy you need to be able to juggle all of the logistical demands of day to day life. Thankfully, I am supported by a friendly and efficient agency who take care of most of the drudgery, as well as enabling me to meet people through the simple to use website and contact system. Finally there is that inner peace, that idea of being 'one with the universe'. There is the old joke about the spiritually inclined escort buying a hot dog from a street vendor and asks for the chef to 'make me one with everything'. On receiving the hot dog the escort says 'what about my change?' to which the vendor replies, 'change comes only from within...' Well, it tickles me anyway!

How to achieve inner peace, how to change is the subject of this blog. I asked girls around the agency how they meditated, or learned about inner peace and there were a surprising number of varied and interesting ideas and approaches. One girl, Lucy, a stunning Eastern European girl with the most seductive eyes, slim and toned body, delicious pouting lips and a real naughty feel to her said that she devoted at least one hour of each day to 'me' time. I asked what the 'me' time might involve and she said that it could be a long naked soak in a hot tub or bubble bath with oodles of bath salts, incense burning, the lights dimmed low and unobtrusive ambient music playing in the background. Glamour website has a load of tips about how to create and enjoy 'me' time – https://www.glamour.com/gallery/11-ways-to-reclaim-your-me-time.

Another girl, Amber (so, so cool, tall, elegant, sophisticated and super sexy) likes to meditate. She says that she begins each day with a hot shower, plenty of expensive body wash and then after drying with a huge and fluffy towel she will rub in a lightly scented skin cream before turning her attention to emptying her mind ready for a busy day ahead. Amber is a very popular escort and I can see why, she always seems so serene as well as a sexy and I am sure that her rigid and rigorous regimen plays a part. I asked her if she could give any pointers for how to go about meditating and she said that when she first started meditating she used specialist videos aimed at beginners but as time has passed she has moved on to self taught methods. She did suggest some good websites though including the one at Mindful (https://www.mindful.org/how-to-meditate/) which sets out the benefits of meditation and provides a beginner's guide. I gave it a shot and it was really rather pleasant! The site claims to help us improve focus, connect better, lower stress and interestingly be kinder to ourselves!

Finally, I spoke to a hot escort called Tiffany, one who is not normally known for intellectual pursuits, indeed she is a party girl of the highest order and always appears to me to be living life to the full and burning the candle at both ends. If there is a table then Tiffany will be dancing on it! She loves to flirt and boasts that she will try anything once but is fast running out of anything new to try! LOL. The irony with Tiffany is that when you first meet this model escort you will think she is all innocence personified, only to discover she is the devil in disguise – once you have dated Tiffany your heart and soul will be hers forever! And so it greatly surprised me when she reeled off a list of self help books that focussed on changing your personality and attitude. I must say that the whole positive thinking thing has passed me by but it didn't take much for Tiffany to convince me of the merits of mindfulness. When I thought long and hard about it I realised that I will often respond in a particular way in set circumstances, even when I am trying not to respond negatively. This is learned behaviour and like Pavlov's dogs we can respond by rote when we have repeated a behaviour a certain number of times. Sexy size six Tiffany is actually a little closet intellectual and that small yet perfectly formed frame contains many sexy secrets. The books she recommended include 'women who think too much' (misogynists of the world here is your chance to scoff and crack a joke or two!), Mind Hacking and Negative Self Thought and How to Change it. I'm not sure if all of these tomes are still in print but I bet you can get them second hand online if not.

Returning to the joys of Harrow here is a brief run down of the place, where it is and things to do! First of all Harrow is only ten miles North of London and as you can imagine there are a multitude of transport links so getting into the metropolis is a breeze. If the sounds, sights and smells of the big city are what turn you on then why not book a sexy nubile escort from Harrow escorts to help you paint the town red? I suppose to most outsiders Harrow is probably most famous for the public school. If you love architecture then head to the Harrow on the Hill area which is a conservation area and features many lovely buildings, prime examples of Georgian architecture at its finest. Harrow's name, incidentally, comes from the old English for 'heathen'... I love that idea, it's kind of suggestive of rebellious, licentious and naughty!

If you like shopping you will find two sizeable shopping centres along with plenty of high street names and independent stores too. If it's a trendy wine bar you are looking for you will not be disappointed: check out the Horseshoe on Eastcote lane with its trendy olde worlde feel, great wine list and fun 'jam' nights on Thursdays. Another favourite of mine is Trinity on Station Road, a live music bar with a great atmosphere and an unpretentious feel to it. (Make sure you have ID or you will not get in...) For cask ales and a more 'traditional' choice of food you should visit the Duck in the Pond on Kenton Lane. But the sentimental, nostalgic, old school girl inside my twenty two year old body has one stand out favourite choice for a drink in Harrow, The Castle. The place is just super cool with original Victorian lighting and fittings and wooden fires to warm the cockles on a winter's evening! Food wise you can eat on a budget or you can go full blast and empty your wallet whilst you fill your stomach. All cuisines and tastes are catered for from Sri Lankan at the Gana to fish and chips at Skipjacks. A place I try to frequent as often as my busy schedule will allow is Shobha's – Asian food to die for. But when you are in the mod for romance there is nothing better than Italian and Harrow is fortunate to have Sorrentina Ristorante Italiano on Manor parade, Sheepcote Road. You will find all the classic Italian dishes here, served with a smile. When it comes to romantic dates other restaurants highly regarded and recommended include The Old Doll's House on the Hill and The Old Etonian. These three are all perfect for when you want to make your hot date even hotter! LOL.

As you can imagine you are spoilt for choice when it comes to hotels in Harrow and as I wrote earlier you are only minutes away from Charing Cross and all the accommodation that the big smoke has to offer. Local hotels average around seventy pounds per night but of couyrse you can pay far more and stay in the lap of luxury should you wish.

For those who enjoy a stroll in a well kept park you have plenty of choice including Northala Fields and Northwick Park. History buffs will surely revel in the wonderful Military History Museum at Bentley Priory – a lovely setting in itself. Another historic house which features a museum is Headstone Manor. There is also a motorcycle museum for those of you with petrol in your veins, an RAF museum and an arts centre.

Harrow then has it all, fine dining, great bars and places to stay, plenty of cultural and historic sites of interest, live music venues and plenty to keep anyone entertained, not least those who are looking to enjoy a fun time with a fun loving escort! Make any stay in Harrow complete with a full escort experience: there is nothing better to be enjoyed in life than the companionship of a vivacious, busty beautiful babe who only has one thing on her mind – you! Every other activity in Harrow simply pales into insignificance in comparison – but then you knew that already and that is why you have visited the site of Harrow Escorts, home to the hottest, friendliest and sexiest girls in Harrow and beyond. Take a look at the gorgeous girls in the gallery and when you have found your dream date give us a call, our friendly agents will be pleased to help you and in no time you will be having a ball. For beautiful, fun l