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I'm No Belieber
1 year ago | by Admin

Whilst some of my girlfriends are huge fans of the Bieber, I'm just not a belieber. I like a confident man, don't get me wrong but this US pop star is more of a sulky teen than a hunky mean machine. His latest strop is to walk off stage during a gig in Manchester because the fans kept screaming during the breaks between songs. It appears that the superstar hip hopper did a hell of a stropper when his words of wisdom fell on deaf ears. It always amazes me that these celebrities think anyone cares what they think. Take it from me Justin, it's your music the teeny bobbers want to listen to man, not your whiny voice!

He's not the first pop star to have a hissy fit and he won't be the last. I guess you begin to feel super self-important when you achieve a certain level of fame and you start to believe your own hype. To be fair if a David Bowie or a Jonny Cash or a Bob Dylan asked the crowd to shut the hell up then I think that's fair enough as they probably have something to say that is worth listening to. A girlfriend of mine was lucky enough to get a ticket to the Kate Bush concert in London recently - well, I say 'lucky' but luck didn't have anything to do with so much as the fact that she had been seeing a client from the escort agency who is quite well connected in the showbiz world - and she said that people were very respectful when the artiste known for her wailing voice and wild attire asked them to stop filming on their mobiles and instead fully immerse themselves in the show. I think she has a point really as I spend much of my life watching the world through the lens of my iphone!

To be fair to baby Bieber he did return after a short hiatus to explain to his adoring fans that he just wanted to 'connect' with them. He went on to explain that when he is looking his fans in the eyes there is a special 'moment' between him and them and he didn't want it spoiled by random screaming; Having seen performances on film by the Beatles in the sixties I wonder what John Lennon would have made of it all.

Actually, thinking about the Beatles and the whole fame thing I read that Phil Collins has been ticked off at Sir Paul McCartney for years because he once asked for the mop tops autograph and received the reply, ah, little Phil is a Beatles fan?. That is kind of insulting mind.

Are modern pop stars any more super stroppy or up themselves than the stars of yesteryear, I doubt it. My best friend, sexy Silvia - and oh boy are you in for a treat if you book an intimate evening with this hottie - is a big fan of Kanye West and he is certainly known for his ego as well as his hot wife Kim. But he?s no worse than an Elvis Presley or a Jerry Lee Lewis or even a Frank Sinatra is he?

So, perhaps I shouldn't be too unfair on the young Bieber boy. I mean, he may have had something incredibly profound to pronounce to his screaming hordes of adolescent girls. Ifhis lyrics are anything to go by he may be the new Sartre or Shakespeare or Sheridan or Shaw. Consider the following: She's confident - I can tell by the way she walks into the room. Now who would disagree with the depth and complexity of that kind of poetry?